This photoblog is a place for me to share photos from my life with friends and family.

All photos contained on this photoblog are copyright by Brent Kirkwood. They may not be used without permission from Brent Kirkwood.

If you are looking for a smaller sample of my work, see my portfolio.


You will always be presented with the newest photograph at By clicking on the left half of the photo, or on the "previous" button, you can access previous entries in reverse-chronological order. Clicking the right side of the image, or on the "next" button, will take you to more recent entries. The "archives" link will bring up a thumbnail gallery of entries. The thumbnails, like the photoblog entries, are sorted in reverse order with the newest one last. You can page through them using the "previous" (older) and "next" (more recent) buttons or by flipping to a particular page of the archives with the numerical navigation buttons at the bottom of the page.



  • Widget (v1.4) - Mac OS X dashboard widget that displays thumbnails of the photoblog's most recent images.


  • iPhone App - Displays thumbnails of the photoblog's most recent images in a simple, iPhone friendly format.